A New Blog

I am finally bowing to necessity and starting a website. It seems that nowadays, it is mandatory for anyone aspiring to a professional level of craft or art to have a presence on the internet. A website seems to grant the same legitimacy that a storefront once bestowed. I am told that I should think of the website as a virtual studio. However, depending on where I am in my work, my real life studio is more often than not in a state of turmoil and chaos, which I am absolutely sure should not be reflected on this website. Instead, I envision the website as being more akin to a display window, with carefully photographed images that suggest order and even refinement, but no hint of the hard work and struggles that lie behind each piece. This feels a little dishonest to me. So, to provide a window into the reality of my studio life, I am also starting a new blog attached to this website to act as a corridor into the backroom.

In my past blog, I have been a very infrequent blogger. This website offers me a chance to start again. With that in mind, I hope to record my thoughts and impressions of navigating my working life as a fiber artist, straddling both craft and art venues. And, the challenges that arise for me as I push myself to try to create woven pieces that offer ‘something’ beyond their value as works of fine craft. Of course, it’s not really clear what that ‘something’ is. However, I have been assured that if I want to market my work as ‘Art’, as opposed to ‘Craft’, that ‘something’ is necessary. With that in in mind, this blog will be about my search for ‘something’.